Ana Sierra – Spanish

Theresa Molinaro – After Care Coordinator

Marcia Campione – Infant Room Manager

Nicolette Castelli – Toddler 1

Kathy Campione – Preschool 1

Shirley Blackwell – Toddler 2

Melissa Downing – Kindergarten

Marva Banfield – Preschool 2

Maria Feliz-Collado – Assistant Director

Jean Bannon – Director

Special Events

During each year we have many special events for students. Below are just a few examples.

P & C Pediatric Dentistry of Clifton 2/28/2013. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month


Chick Hatching From Quiver Farms 3/25/13 to 4/2/13


Rick Fox Visits to talk about Being Visually Impaired/Blind since Birth 4/16/2013


Student’s created a pinwheel garden in honor of national Child Abuse Prevention Month in April


New Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 4/17/13


Cheryl Scoles’ Storytime Education and Entertainment 5/10/2013


Students Say Farewell to Reverend Anne 5/16/13



Summer Program


My daughter has been enrolled at NSCC since she was 4 months old. Through the last 5 years, I have been so impressed by the warmth of the school and the love of the teachers. I think the best part, and the rarest in most preschools today, is the low staff turnover. Most of the teachers and paraprofessionals that I saw on my enrollment tour 6 years ago are still teaching there today!  For my daughter, that means school is a family atmosphere where her teachers know everything about her and can care for her the way she needs to be cared for. Learning at NSCC is hands-on and multi-sensory with plenty of time to play. I couldn't believe what she had learned in such a short amount of time.
— Nicole D.


I recommend NSCC without hesitation.  My twins went there from age 2 until they graduated to Kindergarten.  I had moved them there from a place that was closer to where I was working at the time.  It was such a positive move and the teachers made the transition very easy for my children.  My two year old has been there since she was  6 months old. 

NSCC is a very caring and supportive environment, and we have formed long-term relationships with our teachers even as we moved to the next class. There is very low turnover of staff, which helps provide stability for my children. I feel they have a great balance of art, learning, physical activity, free time and fun. They loved the weekly enrichment classes for music and Spanish, and we did take advantage of the optional dance and soccer.  I feel the teachers do a wonderful job with parent communication. 

My children have made wonderful friends there, and I feel NSCC is more of a community than just day care.
— Lauren F.


We have been NSCC parents for 10 years.  As working parents, we have peace of mind knowing that our children are well-cared for while having the opportunity for age-appropriate learning and play.  Our oldest began in the infant room ten years ago.  The same caregivers were there five years later when our twins entered daycare, and those caregivers are still there today!  We feel like the staff at NSCC is our extended family.
— Tammy & Rich


Our 3 year old son attends Christ Church Nursery School.  At first we were just looking for a local, convenient daycare.  But, after we decided on Christ Church, we realized how lucky we were to find them.   Leaving our 3 month old son with anyone was incredibly difficult.   They helped make the transition easy.  My son was well taken care of…and loved.  As the years passed, the staff has become part of our family.  They reinforce the values we have in our home and take a personal interest in helping each child develop.   At first it was a daycare to us, but as my son grew, it has become an excellent prep for school.  When searching for a daycare, we never considered curriculum, learning Spanish, music class, soccer, a large gym…but all of these things are preparing my son for his school career and keeping him active.  I know I can attribute a lot of who my son is today by his experience at Christ Church…a smart, confident little boy that loves to learn.
— Jennifer A.


We could not be more happy with the Nursery School at Christ's Church.  It is clear to us that the staff is properly managed and well-prepared to handle our childcare needs.  We have always admired how well we are informed of the happenings of the day so we can reinforce the lessons and proper discipline at home.  We also appreciate the attention to detail with regards to providing a safe environment for our children.  The teachers are tremendous and have prepared our girls for 'big kid' school, both socially and academically.
— Keith & Beth


My son loves the Nursery School at Christ Church. The teachers are so dedicated and second to none. He adores them. He is provided with many learning opportunities including music, foreign language and art, not to mention the socialization with the best friends he has made. The School also has a huge gym and a playground for play and exercise. I can't wait for my second son to begin!
— Colleen S.


Before deciding to send my son to the Nursery School at Christ Church, I looked at six preschools. I know I made the right choice, when I see my son's smile every morning. He even asks to go every Saturday and Sunday, when he wakes up! It has everything you could ever want in a preschool. The teachers are warm and caring, and they really understand him. He gets the perfect combination of play and education a 3-year-old needs. In the first month, he came home and started spelling his own name! He is learning something new each day and having fun, and that is all I could ever ask.
— Kathy M.


We have been part of the Nursery School at Christ Church family since August of 2009. Being from out of state and new to the community, we had to begin our search for the perfect place for our 10 week old and 2 1/2 year old. We did our homework and spent many weeks making a decision on the care for our most amazing children. Now, in 2013 without a shadow of a doubt, we really could not have chosen a better place for our children. Being a teacher myself, I found it to be filled with lots of love, caring discipline, plenty of playtime, creative aftercare projects, encouragement and understanding, and to top it off, a strong academic curriculum! Our 5 year old was well prepared for kindergarten this year in the public schools and we expect our daughter to be as well prepared. The Nursery School at Christ Church has been such an enriching and warm experience! We will always have such fond memories of your wonderful school and staff.
— Jessica & Tom


As nervous first parents of twins the thought of entrusting the care of our children to people we didn't know was more than bit overwhelming. We wanted to make sure that our girls were getting more than just babysitters - we needed them to be with caring people in an environment that encouraged their learning and nurtured their personal development. After researching and visiting five different places, The Christ Church Nursery School seemed like the best choice and now, two years later, it's been proven true time and time again that it was and is the best place for our kids. The staff provides all the ingredients for healthy and happy child development, and they make the entire experience fun for both kids and parents. In addition to helping make our girls better children, they've also helped us be better parents.
— Fernando & Michele


I have a lot of good things to say about Christ Church Nursery School. I went from being a stay-at-home mom to a working mom when my oldest was 2 and a half. We had him in two other daycare centers before coming to Christ Church and we couldn't be happier!  The staff is warm, attentive and engaged with the children. There doesn't appear to be a high rate of turnover, so the kids are afforded consistency in terms of their caregivers. Plus, I think the structure provided in the classrooms gave my son a head start when he ultimately began kindergarten in the local school system. I also appreciate the extras, such as Spanish, dance and soccer that are offered during the school day. All in all, I think Christ Church Nursery School has been a wonderful experience for my children.
— Karen


Our older son has been at Christ Church Nursery School for almost 2 years, and his younger brother has attended since he was 3 months old. Like many parents, we wanted a daycare that balances safety and education, and Christ Church excels at both. Additionally, it is obvious throughout the entire school that the staff cares about our children. They are warm, engaging, and as excited as we are when milestones are reached. Matched with their excitement is their ability to maintain a structured environment that focuses on engaging our boys. Finding the perfect daycare can be daunting, but my wife and I know we have done so with Christ Church Nursery School.
— Stan and Michele


My two children have attended The Nursery School of Christ Church for more than three years and our entire family couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful and exceptional experience. From the engaging and immensely caring teachers and staff to the enriching educational elements that make learning fun for little ones, the school has successfully created a confidence-building atmosphere that serves as the fundamental building blocks for the years of education they have in front of them.  My kids have simply flourished in amazing ways as they’ve transitioned from toddlers to pre-schoolers and I owe a large amount of their success to the dedicated people at The Nursery School of Christ Church.
— Sarah


After visiting numerous daycare centers, we chose the Nursery School at Christ Church for our oldest son.  Five years later, we are still very happy with our choice, and our younger son now attends the school as well.  One reason we were drawn to the school was because of the low turnover rate of its teachers.  Many teachers have worked at the school for over 10 years, and we really wanted to leave our young children with people we could trust.  Our younger son has had the same teachers as our older son, and we have been able to build lasting relationships with their teachers.  The staff has been very supportive and patient with our children throughout the years. 

We were also drawn to the many great academic programs.  We have been amazed at how much our boys have learned at school!  We feel that the teachers at Christ Church have given our oldest son the skills he will need when he begins public school next year.  Both kids love attending the music and Spanish classes.  We were thrilled to see both an outdoor playground and an indoor gymnasium where the kids are able to run around and play on the equipment year round.  Our older son has also enjoyed the optional soccer and Godly play programs. 

Our entire family has enjoyed attending the three annual school shows, where the students perform on stage.  The kids especially love the Christmas show where Santa arrives with gifts.  All these reasons and more are why we chose the Nursery School at Christ Church for our children.
— Maria


Our son began attending the Nursery School at Christ Church just before his first first birthday. We were both apprehensive about leaving our child, but we immediately found that the teachers at Christ Church were experienced and caring.  Over the past three years he has grown and thrived in the school. He has had wonderful experiences with a variety of students and teachers ranging from the regular holiday shows to dance class to Spanish and beyond. Every day he comes home having learned something new.
— Nicolle


My husband and two children had just relocated to Glen Ridge when we came across The Nursery School at Christ Church. I was looking forward to going back to work when I started looking for care for my youngest child, Toby, almost one year old at the time. To the natural resistance parents experience at letting others care for their child, we had to add the feeling of a new community, not knowing whose recommendation to trust, hearing names of schools for the first time... We gave this nursery school a try and although it has taken me almost a year to finally go back to work, I couldn’t discontinue Toby’s attendance because he just loves it here so much. The positive influence this experience has had on his development is remarkable.  From casual observation it is obvious to me that school utilizes the best practices of teaching and early childhood development. Your facilities, yet humble, offer a great range of developmentally appropriate activities. Your staff is competent, nurturing, compassionate and attentive, providing to our son and our family with the support and assistance we need. You have noticed our Child’s every accomplishment and helped with every milestone in the way that only really caring and experienced caregivers now how. I am glad we have a couple more years to spend with you!
— Celeste


The Nursery School of Christ Church is the perfect fit for our daughters! After visiting multiple daycare and pre - schools throughout the area, it was evident that Nursery School of Christ Church was the choice for us. We see how well our daughters are cared for in a stimulating and conducive environment to learning. Their teachers are knowledgeable about curriculum and provide creative approaches in the classroom. We have seen our oldest evolve beautifully in Pre-K 2, both academically and socially, and our toddler is reaching and exceeding developmental milestones. We attribute this to Nursery School of Christ Church. We couldn't be happier and more grateful.
— The Burman Family


I wanted to send a quick note to absolutely rave and gush about how happy we are and how much we LOVE the Nursery School of Christ Church!

Our two children, Fisher (3.5 yrs. old) and Vivian (2 yrs. old) have been attending the school since they were 3 months old and have grown and developed beautifully in your care! We view the nursery as a school and not a day care. If given the choice between at home care and the Nursery School of Christ Church we will always choose the nursery school. The staff has become our extended family over the years and we're forever grateful for the energy and efforts they give our kids every day.

We look forward to our third joining this summer!
— Sara and Erik


When we were looking at daycare places for our daughter, we looked at many places. We looked at places close to our jobs, close to commuting, close to home we looked at the big named chain places and the small places alike.  We are so happy that we had chosen the Nursery School of Christ Church as the place to take care of her.  I know that every day she goes there, she is loved.  The teachers are very caring and loving.   The wonderful nurturing environment has helped our daughter developed into an amazing 3 year old. 
— Annerys and Dave


"We looked at many day cares in the area before deciding on the day care at Christ Church. We are so lucky to have found a nurturing environment where he is learning and growing his social skills with an attentive, caring staff. Activities such as Summer water days, toddler dance class, and pre-K soccer are all added bonuses. Every day we say he is going to "school", because we feel like he is getting great preparation for Kindergarten in a couple of years."
— Stephen and Tasha


I've had both of my boys here at the nursery school of Christ church. My eldest who is age 5 and now in public school as well as my youngest age 4 who is still a student here have both thrived! The staff are all friendly and inviting. Every day I send them I know they growing and learning in a nurturing and loving environment. 
 — Stasia


The Nursery School at Christ Church (NSCC) has provided a solid foundation and exceptional care of our three children during the past several years. The team of dedicated and caring staff members consistently demonstrates an exemplary work ethic. They possess a vast depth of knowledge in early childhood education and possess genuine enthusiasm. We feel our children have received the best possible care; preparing them well for elementary school

In addition to the high educational standards and social skills they provide for students, safety is reinforced through vigilant staff care, assisted by cameras in every classroom and other noteworthy security measures which should put any parents’ concerns at ease.

Without reservation, we highly recommend NSCC for your child’s early childhood education and care. It will prove to be a rewarding experience, not only for your child, but also for parents. For further insights, we are happy to speak to any prospective parents – please contact us through NSCC’s Executive Director.
— Carlos and Natasha


When we moved here, the Nursery School of Christ Church helped us transition our child easily into the school. The teachers are attentive, engaged with the children, and provide an age appropriate curriculum. The main teacher stays for part of the extended care and I love walking in and seeing how much fun the kids are having. They were also very supportive when my child was ready to potty-train, which eventually lead to very few accidents. The staff has low turnovers which provides a stable enviornment. There are security cameras in each classoom which helps a parent feel at ease. The large indoor gym and stage are great for those rainy days.
— Rob and Helen


Our twin boys have been at the Nursery School of Christ Church since they were six months old. They're now five-and-a-half, and were sad that in just a few months we'll be saying goodbye to NSCC as our boys move on to elementary school. The  boys received a wealth of attention, education, andlove over the years from the staff at NSCC that has given them a great start for school. We know they would not be as thriving, smart and joyful withouth the love and care the teachers and staff had given them. We would recommend NSCC without hesitation, and cherish it as a vital part of our sons' early learning experience.
— Carl and Dian


Summer Registration

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Spring Soccer & Dance Programs












The Nursery School of Christ Church provides a nurturing, developmental, wholesome and fully equipped child-care environment supervised by an experienced and tenured staff.  Children are taught about caring for others, right and wrong, goodness, respect, decision-making, responsibility, self-discipline, kindness, sharing, and cooperation.

Centered around play as the basis for discovery, reasoning, thinking and the development of important social skills, our curriculum:

  • Encourages self-expression through art, dance, music, and drama
  • Includes discovery programs in natural sciences
  • Develops social, verbal, and listening skills
  • Introduces the basics of reading readiness, mathematics, and computer skills
  • Expands small- and large-muscle dexterity
  • Provides Spanish lessons to children from toddlers through Kindergarten
  • Provides ongoing progress reports to parents

Recent special theme days have included:

  • Hibernation day
  • Safari day
  • Water Day
  • Make Your Own Sunday Day
  • Crazy Hat Day
  • Halloween Parade and Show

We are proud to invite parents, grandparents and other special family and friends to attend our shows three times a year:

  • Halloween show in October
  • Holiday show in December
  • Graduation in June

In addition to the basic curriculum, children may opt to enroll in special programs, such as soccer and dance and religious enrichment.


The cozy infant room nourishes the child developmentally and emotionally.  With low staff-to-infant ratio, we get to know each child individually.  Our flexibility allows us to meet the needs of parents and children by following their child’s schedule for feeding, naps and playtime.

Summer Program

Summers are extra-special at NSCC.  During July and August, we offer fun, theme-based activities, such as Safari Day, Crazy Hat Day, Make Your Own Sunday Day and outdoor water play every Friday.


Our Director Jean Bannon has more than 19 years experience in pre-school education and child care. She is joined by a caring staff of trained and experienced teachers which includes training in First Aid and CPR.


If you are considering childcare or pre-school for your child, we invite you to visit The Nursery School of Christ Church. 

Enrollment can occur at any time, based upon availability of space. Re-registration and Summer Enrollment is available in March.

Please contact us for tuition information.

Call us at 973-743-7582.


Since 1967, Christ Church has been serving the families of our surrounding communities with a nurturing and safe nursery school experience for their children.

The Nursery School of Christ Church is a New Jersey State licensed, full-day preschool and child care program for infants through kindergarten.

Open year-round, our program is designed to meet a child’s educational, emotional, and spiritual needs through a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

While a direct ministry of our church, our Nursery School respects the dignity and religious identity of every child and staff member, regardless of race, creed, national origin, or religious affiliation.

The members of Christ Church are pleased to offer an excellent Nursery School with child care options that we hope will fill your needs and the needs of your children. If you would like to learn more about our congregation, please visit us on the web at, or contact the church office directly at 973-743-5911.


Jean Bannon – Director

I have been working for The Nursery School of Christ Church for eleven years.  I was the teacher in the PS 2 for eight years, along with being Assistant Director for six years, and Director for the past two years.  I have been in the preschool setting for 20 years, and love being able to still get into the classrooms and interact with the children.

Maria Feliz-Collado – Assistant Director

I have worked in preschool/early childhood for over 14 years. I have a Masters degree in Early Childhood and Special Education from Mercy College in NY. I have been an assistant teacher, a lead teacher and administrator/supervisor and a special education evaluator. I love working in preschool/early childhood and am excited about the new opportunity I have been given here at the Nursery School of Christ Church.

Melissa Downing – Kindergarten

I have been teaching the kindergarten class at The Nursery School of Christ Church since September, 2005. I have a BA in Elementary Education from Montclair State University. I enjoy teaching language arts, math, science and art through creative and hands-on activities.

Marva Banfield – Preschool 2

I have been working for The Nursery School of Christ Church for four years. From the moment I came here I knew this was the place I wanted to work. The staff is very warm and welcoming. The children are all unique. The excitement in their eyes when they finish a puzzle, write a letter, a number, or remember a story is magical.

Kathy Campione – Preschool 1

I have been employed here at The Nursery School of Christ Church for 13 years, teaching in the Toddler Room and Preschool 1. My love of children is obvious having raised five children of my own. Learning new things in a “fun” environment is my style of teaching. I especially enjoy doing science projects!!!

Marcia Campione – Infant Room Manager

I have been working for The Nursery School of Christ Church for the past 12 years.  I find it very rewarding working with children. I provide the children in my care with a safe and loving environment and enjoy playing, singing and reading to them.

Shirley Blackwell – Toddler 2

I have been working for The Nursery School of Christ Church for three years. I am the teacher in the Toddler 2 Room. The best part of my day is interacting with the children while they are playing.

Nicolette Castelli – Toddler 1

I have been working at The Nursery School of Christ Church for four years. I graduated from William Paterson University with a B.A in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. I believe that each child is unique and learn through hands-on experiences.

Ana Sierra – Spanish

I have been working for The Nursery School of Christ Church for 11 years.  I am the Spanish teacher and I enjoy working and singing with the children.  The best part of the day is hearing the children saying words in Spanish.

Theresa Molinaro – After Care Coordinator

I am enjoying being the After Care Coordinator at The Nursery School of Christ Church because I get to interact with all of the children in the school. I hold a BA in Elementary Education with specialization in Early Childhood Education from Felician College. I love watching the children grow and working with them as they play new games, create works of art and explore their world.

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Other facts:

  • Fully equipped State-licensed facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • An experienced staff that has passed stringent background checks
  • Year-round programs for infants to six-year-olds
  • Surveillance cameras in all rooms
  • Easily accessible location
  • Competitive tuition fees and limited financial aid to qualified families
  • Staff members certified in first aid and CPR

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